COVID-19 Statement

At Asics Office Supplies we’re taking all the appropriate measures to adapt to the new normal.

We want to update you on the actions Asics Office Supplies is undertaking to support and provide a safe environment for our team, suppliers, customers and other partners, while ensuring we continue to provide access to all the products people need.

We’re keeping it clean and practicing good hygiene.

  • We require all our team members, including those in our fulfillment centres, delivery operations and furniture operations, to wear face coverings when at work in open common areas, and when in close proximity to others.
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting stations are readily available throughout our premises.
  • We have introduced a daily assessment screening requirement for employees working in our buildings.

We’re happy to serve you, but at a distance.

  • Complete contactless delivery with alternatives for delivery signatures is available. Our drivers observe physical distancing throughout the delivery process.
  • In cases where contactless deliveries are not possible our drivers will be wearing masks and taking appropriate sanitizing precautions. Gloves and hand sanitizers are available in their trucks.
  • We understand that you may have implemented your own COVID-19 precautions on your premises and we will endeavour to support these measures.

We’re all doing our best in a new and changing world.

  • We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported the steps we’ve taken to make sure we all stay safe.
  • We’d particularly like to thank our team members who have been so positive and passionate about helping our customers when they’ve needed us the most.
  • We are currently experiencing an increase in demand for many products, so please check product availability and limits per order on our website.
  • If you wish to return a product, please refer to our Returns Policy.

Asics Office Supplies assures you that we remain committed to providing the best value possible while keeping you safe and productive in these unprecedented times.

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